I don't think I've ever gotten ready so quickly for an international trip! We thought we would be going later in the summer, but in order to be in Ghana while Christiana was there, and save $600 - 1000 on the tickets, we needed to move our trip up to the end of May. 16 days and counting down way too fast! Passports, visas, immunizations and dreams about what awaits us!

Lindsay and I recently met with Christiana and her stories about the simple needs of the children in her village always stab my heart and spur me into action. Hopefully we can fill our bags with books, clothes and other supplies the children need. I am planning on Lindsay making a craft with the kids (coffee filter butterflies seem easy to pack for - extra pipe cleaners, anyone?) I shift from being overwhelmed by the practical aspects of the trip to the sacred aspects as I know we will be enriched beyond our imaginations by the generous spirits of the Ghanaian people, but first, we have to get there!

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    Lela and Lindsay

    Seeing how we are heading to a village without running water and limited electricity, this blog might not get too interesting until after we return! :-)


    May 2012